Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Barbie cake

Yesterday was my niece's birthday.

You'd never guess she turned 16........

She absolutely adores Barbie. Like, a ridiculous amount.

I bought her a Barbie cupcake baking kit, and a bottle of something that probably is meant for 18 year olds, but we won't tell anyone about that gift.

I also baked her a Barbie cake:

Vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream, covered in fondant. She was suitably impressed with it.

As she is such a wordly age of 16, she's now allowed to learn to drive. She went for her L's this morning, and I received a text message from my sister with this photo in it:

My reply? May god have mercy on us all.

Apparently I volunteered to give her some driving lessons - if you don't ever hear from me again, assume the worst....... :)

Happy 16th Birthday Maddison!


Not Quite Nigella said...

What a lovely Barbie cake! And it's a lot of hours to get from Ls to P's-I only did it recently. Arrgh!