Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Red Velvet Deliciousness

Oh goodness how I love Red Velvet!!

I had the most amazing Red Velvet Cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery in Portobello Road. It was my first encouter with this delightful cupcake, and certainly not the last. While no other Red Velvet has been as delicious as that one from Hummingbird, one has come close and it was from The Cupcake Bakery in Sydney.

Sadly, since Portobello Road is a good 24 hour flight away, The Cupcake Bakery will have to do....but I'm ok with that since they're damn tasty anyway!!

Everytime I eat a Red Velvet Cupcake, it takes me back to wandering through Portobello Road, drinking in the sights and sounds, ecclectic jazz music, trash and treasure, an array of antique tea sets, jewellery, clothing, little stalls with international food, and lovely little bookshop with only cooking related books in it......anyway, I digress.

The reason for this post is to show you the version of Red Velvet Cupcakes that I made. The craving hit and I had a little scour around the internet and found a recipe that I deemed acceptable. I'm pretty sure I used this one.

The cupcakes turned out well - moist, a hint of cocoa, tangy cream cheese.....but just not quite as good as Hummingbird!! Another thing that bothers me is that I can never get my cream cheese icing quite as 'frosting' like as Hummingbird or other bakeries. I wish I knew what the secret was, I know it sounds odd but my cream cheese icing is too smooth and creamy. I know, I know odd but whatevs, if you happen to know what I'm doing wrong feel free to correct me!!


Hilary said...

I know what you mean about cream cheese frosting made at home - the texture is always so disappointing. They look scrummy, though :)