Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty Princess

My niece is obsessed with everything princess.

She thinks she is a princess.

But she's a really cute princess so I'm alright with that.

Yesterday was her 8th birthday. I told her that I would make her a birthday cake. At first, she just wanted a plain old boring number 8. That's it. I told her that that's far too boring for an 8 year old princess, and that she needed to flip through my cake books and find herself a cake worthy of an 8 year old birthday.

Her eyes immediately landed on the princess cake in my Planet Cake book. It's so cute, pink, gold, frills, crown. Perfect for a princess!!

 Cool hey!! I made little cupcakes to go with the cake too in princess wrappers. My niece is having 8 little friends of her to sleep over at her house too so I'm sure her mum will have her hands full - at least she didn't have to worry about a cake!! 
Also (and this bit has nothing to do with cake, birthdays or princesses) here is a picture of me feeding a giraffe. 

I bought tickets for my boyfriend and I for Christmas to go to 'roar and snore' at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It was AMAZING!! I GOT TO FEED A GIRAFFE!! They're my favourite animal EVER. It was so so fun!! We got to pat a koala too, and went on a night safari of the zoo and the food was awesome too cause the animals get the pick of the crop when it comes to fruit and veg. 

Here's a link to the roar and snore page with all the details - it's a bit pricey but WELL worth it!! My boyfriend took some really good shots while we were there too - there's a really good view of the harbour so it was a perfect photo op: Click Me!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Picasa 3

My sister in law to be told me about this free download called Picasa 3. It's from google.

It imports all your pictures and you can create really cool collages with so:

Awesome hey?!

It's really easy to use - you just click and drag whatever photos you want in the collage, and there's heaps of different options to create different looking collages. You can make your regular photos look like polaroid photos, collages that look like the photos have just been dropped on there, collages with a big main photo and several little photos surrounding it. And you can choose what kind of border you want around the pictures, as well as what colour.

Here's another one I made:

I work for the Australian Youth Choir and these are just a few of the (MANY) shots I took of them at a Christmas Carol engagement last year.

Click here to download it!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Books galore.

Just before Christmas, I decided to buy myself a present.

Actually, several presents.

In the form of cook books.

As if I even NEED any more cook books.Whatever, of COURSE I need more cook books!!

I actually intended on only ordering The Pioneer Womans cook book. But then one book turned in to about 6.


This is a REALLY small portion of the cook books I own. Note that most of them are dessert focused!!


These are the books I ordered from Amazon. Amazon, apple of my eye.....I love that I can purchase books on there for a fraction of the cost they are in Australia AND get them shipped all the way from America, and they're STILL cheaper than buying them here!! 


Look at that beautiful pic. PW really is amazing.
I can't wait until I get enough time to make some beautiful cookies from those cookie craft books, and I am especially excited about Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey by Jill O'Connor. Honest to god the stuff in that book looks AMAZING. The recipe that sealed the deal for me in there though was churros with mexican hot chocolate. It just sounded good and I am absolutely bonkers about churros ever since I tried San Churro at Glebe. Oh god. I want some now.