Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty Princess

My niece is obsessed with everything princess.

She thinks she is a princess.

But she's a really cute princess so I'm alright with that.

Yesterday was her 8th birthday. I told her that I would make her a birthday cake. At first, she just wanted a plain old boring number 8. That's it. I told her that that's far too boring for an 8 year old princess, and that she needed to flip through my cake books and find herself a cake worthy of an 8 year old birthday.

Her eyes immediately landed on the princess cake in my Planet Cake book. It's so cute, pink, gold, frills, crown. Perfect for a princess!!

 Cool hey!! I made little cupcakes to go with the cake too in princess wrappers. My niece is having 8 little friends of her to sleep over at her house too so I'm sure her mum will have her hands full - at least she didn't have to worry about a cake!! 
Also (and this bit has nothing to do with cake, birthdays or princesses) here is a picture of me feeding a giraffe. 

I bought tickets for my boyfriend and I for Christmas to go to 'roar and snore' at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It was AMAZING!! I GOT TO FEED A GIRAFFE!! They're my favourite animal EVER. It was so so fun!! We got to pat a koala too, and went on a night safari of the zoo and the food was awesome too cause the animals get the pick of the crop when it comes to fruit and veg. 

Here's a link to the roar and snore page with all the details - it's a bit pricey but WELL worth it!! My boyfriend took some really good shots while we were there too - there's a really good view of the harbour so it was a perfect photo op: Click Me!!


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Wow you did an amazing job! What a lucky girl! I bet she remembers this cake with awe and fond memories when she's grown up.

cupcakexgirl said...

Thanks Lorraine :)