Sunday, January 24, 2010

The meal of Epicness part 1.

Yesterday, I was in a cooking mood. I wanted to spend the day in the kitchen. And that I did.

I needed an excuse to cook a feast though - feasts don't go down particularly well when there's only two of you. So I invited my parents over and set to work cooking.

First part of this epic meal:

Bread Rolls a la The Pioneer Woman

I always see these bread rolls lurking on the Heavenly Recipes bit on the side of PW's main page. I always stare at it longingly, wishing that Australia had frozen bread roll dough in their freezer section since I'm usually too lazy to make the dough and wait for it to rise etc etc. But not this time!!

Unfortunately for me, the supermarket didn't have any Rosemary. Really. Truly. Honestly. NO. ROSEMARY. Colour me CRANKY!!

So I chose to use Thyme instead. Butter. Sea salt. Thyme. More Butter. A little cracked black pepper.


I used a basic bread dough recipe:

125ml milk
125ml water
40g butter

warm that in a saucepan and then put it in your bread maker pan

add to that

1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
375g bread flour
3 rounded tbsp active dry yeast

And then put your breadmaker on the dough cycle.

When the dough cycle has done, knead it just a bit, divide it in to 8 equal portions and pop em in a round pan. Make sure there's some space for them to rise, cause rise they will!! 

I got lazy, so I used a disposable pan. Less mess. Less for me to clean. All is good.

This is what they look like when you've buttered/salted/thymed/buttered/peppered.

And this is what they look like when you've baked them at about 180C for 15 - 20 minutes and brushed a tad more butter on top of them.

Oh god, I can't even convey the deliciousness that these are. You need to make them. Please, for the love of all that is holy, MAKE THEM.

I can't tell you how much I love The Pioneer Woman for these.


g 3 o r g i L y n said...

mmm they look good...
funny you should talk bout the rosemary.. because i made a roast last nite.. and due to the lack of skills i have in the garden my rosemary died haha.. especially after everyone moved out.. ANYWAYS.. i went to the shop.. and Wattaayaahhknowww!... NO ROSEMARY i was like wtf?? so i had to buy the one in the bottle because i really wanted it....

that is all..
thank you for listening to my story!! :)