Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cheesecake Fail :(

Well, I almost didn't post this - but then I though it's unfair to post the things I suceed in without posting the occasional fails.


All day yesterday I was like I want cheesecake. I have to make cheesecake. Give me some cheesecake. I NEED SOME FREAKING CHEESECAKE. The way I was going on, you would have thought I was a pregnant woman. It's ok, I most definitely AM NOT.

Anyway, I searched all my favourite blogs for a recipe but couldn't settle on anything.

And then, this morning, Lorraine of Not Quite Nigella fame posted a recipe for a Zebra Cheesecake using a japanese cheesecake base. OMGYUM. I looooove Japanese cheesecake. It's not as sweet or heavy as your traditional cheesecake, so it doesn't leave you with a food hangover (unless you scoff the whole thing, which is quite easy to do!!)

Well, I printed the recipe, went to the gym in anticipation of the gained kilos from this cake, got the ingredients and set to work. I did everything that the recipe said. I even covered my springform pan in THREE layers of aluminium instead of 2 because it's a bit unreliable (annoyingly so, as it's a good brand and it wasn't cheap!!).

Well, here's a picture (and I apologise in advance for the shite quality - it's late, fluro lights are involved and I just can't wait the 10 hours until morning because I'm impatient):

Does that look like a zebra to you?? NO!! I didn't think so!!

Look, I'll be perfectly honest in that it tastes fine (even though my stupid springform pan let a whole bunch of water in GRRR), but it just doesn't LOOK how I wanted it to.

I think next time I make this, I'll stick to a plain cheesecake, so there are no zebras to upset me........hehehe.


WayneandFarrah said...

Aww I was thinking of making this over the weekend.
I think it still looks funky, not necessarily like a zebra, maybe you can call it a stripey cheesecake? or marble? hehe


cupcakexgirl said...

Thanks Farrah!! I brought some to my work mate today, she liked it so that's a good thing. I think marble is a perfect description!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I wonder what went wrong? From first glance it looks like there aren't quite enough rings but I don't know what would account for the non zebra.