Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cake Pops

Anyone who tells you cake pops are easy to make is a bloody liar.

This is my first attempt at cake pops, and I tell you what - more of them fell off their stick when being dipped in the chocolate than stayed on their stick.

It's ok though - I persevered and ended up with this:

I won't lie to you - I used a Duncan Hines devils food cake mix for these bad boys. It was delicious, and for $2.50, why wouldn't you use it?

I baked them in a super mini muffin tin, because rolling cake pops in to evenly sized balls is for chumps.

Anyway, these are for my work mates, a little christmas cheer to inject in to our dreary Council chambers office.

I'm contempmlating making some for Christmas Day (I drew the dessert card for what to bring on Christmas - but then again, I always bring dessert!) - I've also had a request from the brother to make a choc mint ice cream cake. And I really want to make a coconut cake too. Looks like I'll be a busy bee!

Merry Christmas, friends x