Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Cookies!!

Many months ago, on a warm spring day that should have been spent outside, I dragged my boyfriend (kicking and screaming) in to Ikea. When we finally emerged, it turned out it was all worth it because even though it was only about September, they already had Christmas items in stock.

I picked up (amongst other things) some gorgeous Christmas Cookie Cutters. And they've been sitting in the cupboard ever since.

Until now that is!!

I scouted around for a recipe that I felt was worthy enough to use my cutters for the first time. I remembered that over on NQN, there had been a recipe for Cinnamon Cookies - perfect, my love for all things cinnamon combined with Christmas made this a winner - Cameo Cinnamon Cookies (from NQN).

The house smelt amazing. The cookies looked daaaalicious. OMG CHRISTMAS OVERLOAD!!

I need to do drawings of what I want to ice them with before I do anything. Because if I don't do this, I come to the icing moment and panic because I don't know what I want where.

Cookie Cutters. Drawings (Sorry, I ran out of paper and had to improvise with an envelope!!). Pencils. Sprinkles. General Mess.

Ohai Rudolph!!

Oooooh snowflake. Purrrrty. Infact, the snowflake ones are my favourite.

And when I said the snowflake ones were my favourite, I think I lied. I think the mitten ones are my favourite.


I don't like the Christmas Tree at all but......well for the sake of the cookie cutters, it had to be posted.

Hey frosty!! What's doin'??

And how cute is the santa paper!! They're actually paper bags (from Ikea hehe) they came in a pack of big ones and little ones for about $3 if my memory serves me correctly (I wouldn't trust me on that one though).

So there they are, Christmas Cookies (not quite decorated how I wanted, but decorated none the less).


Nard said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! They look fantastic, I love the mitten!!

cupcakexgirl said...

Thanks Nads :D took foreverrrrr to decorate them - I always forget how long it takes until I'm actually doing it lol.