Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh. My. God.

I have discovered something VERY exciting tonight.

My baking dreams have been answered in the form of this website:

They have all those amazing hersheys baking chips that I've been lusting over and much much more. Red velvet box mix (I've been aching to try it for a very long time - not that I don't have a perfectly good recipe for it myself......but red velvet box mix?!?! Novelty!!), ghiradelli chocolate (omgyum), kool aid, aunt jemima, several different kinds of graham crackers (the perfect crust for cheesecakes, no?!), dr pepper, milk duds, jr mints, twizzlers in several flavours other than much exciting stuff......but sadly, no wilton candy melts. Why can I not find these in Australia?!

Can't wait to bake the red velvet cake......maybe I will do some cake pops.

On another note, I'm doing a cake decorating course on Saturday at Cake Decorating Central at Castle Hill - very much looking forward to it, it's an adorable christmas cake we'll be making - I shall defo post pics!! 


Nard said...

Lol...I found out about usafoods a few months ago, but I totally forgot about it! Thank you for reminding me about it!! I have so many recipes I have wanted to try but could never find the ingredients!!