Thursday, March 18, 2010

The meal of Epicness part 3.

Sorry this has taken so long.


Delicious, sweet, creamy, chocolatey dessert.

My mouth is watering just typing those words.

You see, I'm on a diet at the moment and I'm eating hardly any junk food at all.

It's been ok for the past 2 weeks. But tonight, I've hit this point where all I can think about is chocolate. And cake. And ice cream. And lollies. I don't think watching tonight's biggest loser temptation is helping either. A room full of food, including a chocolate fountain? Died and gone to heaven!

Anyway, a dessert from times when I didn't care so much about my figure:

I can smell it......
I can almost taste it......
Oh my god this is just too much!! 

I was feeling so generous that day, that I even used my delicious Max Brenner hunk of chocolate that I had been given as a gift at Christmas. 

That's a big thing for me to part with and share with other people.

But they weren't just other people.

They're my family - and they're worth more than any piece of chocolate anyday :)


A cupcake or two said...

Oh dessert the best part of the meal. The profiteroles look delicious.

++MIRA++ said...

sooo good loooking. thx.u just made me

cupcakexgirl said...

HAHA it was torture posting about it - I'd been catching up on all my fave food blogs last night and I was literally climbing the walls with angst, I badly wanted some sugar!!

MrD said...

Yummm!!! Just reading this blog is making me hungry!!