Monday, June 21, 2010

Cupcakes on Pitt @ Chatswood

I've had Cupcakes on Pitt a couple of times before and have always been a bit unimpressed with them. The words dry and cloyingly sweet come to mind. I have a feeling they are mass produced in a factory. And I'm not making that up - I remember reading it somewhere.

I was at Chatswood Westfield when I saw a man carrying a box of cupcakes. I recognized they were from Cupcakes on Pitt and for whatever reason unknown to me, I just HAD to go and get some. Even though I'd previously not really liked them that much.

So the boyfriend and I navigated our way to the cupcake shop and they had a delicious little display of cupcakes. That's one thing that I must say, I've always found their cupcakes to be very cute. I noticed they had added macarons to their selection of baked treats.

I settled on a strawberry cupcake, a chocolate cupcake, a peppermint macaron and a vanilla macaron.

I think the cupcakes are adorable, and the flavour is fine......if not a little sweet......but the cupcake? Dry. And the buttercream has a mouth feel as though it's been made with know that greasy feel?? Anyway, they were ok, and I'm not complaining cause I just really wanted a cupcake/sugar fix, and that's what I got.

The macarons (which btw they spell as's a massive pet hate of mine) weren't that fantastic either. REALLY hard, and chewy and the cream in the middle had the same kind of feel to it as the cupcakes. The mint one had no flavouring in the actual 'biscuit' part of it, just the cream. And the vanilla didn't have any lovely bean flecks or anything. So it was a bit underwhelming. Boyfriend saw the look on my face when I took a bite and didn't even bother with tasting it himself.

So overall, good for a cupcake/sugar fix? Yes. I think these would be a hit with kids because they aren't as fussy as adults when it comes to things like cupcakes. But if you want something better quality, I'd go elsewhere.

Cupcakes on Pitt
Shop 221A
Westfield Chatswood 2067