Friday, August 13, 2010


Sorry I've been a bit quiet of late.

I've just been having a really hectic few weeks.

At the moment, my place of employment (Australian Youth Choir & Australian Youth Dance Theatre) are recruiting for children aged 7 years and up to join our Choir or Dance Theatre for 2011 (I hope you don't mind me doing a bit of spruiking here!!). We run a fabulous Choral & Dance education programme for kids where they come to us once a week at one of our many reharsal venues across Sydney or Newcastle and they practice lots of really fun songs, or dances, and they perform in 3 concerts a year at the Sydney Town Hall and it's REALLY fun. So if anyone happens to be reading this and has a child aged 7 or above that is interested in singing or dancing, give me a call on 9808 5563 and you could book a time for your child to come and audition!!

Anyway, the reason I have been so quiet is because of our recruiting!! What this involves is calling thousands of schools all across Sydney and Newcastle, booking times to go and visit them, and then visiting each classroom from years 2 - 6 and talking to the kids, singing a song with them, and hand out information. I don't normally visit schools, but lately I have been because we have SO many schools to visit and not enough audition staff to go out and make the visits. As a result, I've been busy and exhausted from repeating our speech/song routine up to 40 times in one day. As well as our concert that was on at Town Hall last weekend. As well as working late at the office.

Subsequently, I haven't had the time or energy to cook which makes me SAD!!

However, I have had HEAPS of cupcake orders as of late, so I've been busy baking lots of cupcakes, but nothing new for the blog for a while :(

Here's an order I did for today, 24 mini cupcakes. They're all vanilla cake, with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry icing. Sweet!!

And while I'm on the spruiking bandwagon, here's a sneaky little link to my facebook page :) 


WayneandFarrah said...

How cute! your job sounds amazing. I'd love to be working with kids like that especially if it involves singing and dancing. Though it does sound exhausting!
I hope you get through it soon.

Those cupcakes look great!

I made a cream cheese frosting the other day for the second time ever, haha! and it came out quite runny! any ideas what I did wrong?
First i did it was perfectly fine so I'm not sure.

cupcakexgirl said...

Hey Farrah!!
I do adore working with the kids, but it definitely can get tiring some nights!!

Sometimes I find with cream cheese frosting, if you beat it too much it can become runny really quickly. I usually beat my butter and icing sugar really really well, and then add cold cream cheese to it and beat for about a minute or two and then it's usually alright!! Hope your next batch turns out :) xx