Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little lie.

Remember that time I told you that there was only one recipe you'd ever need for scones??

I lied.

Sorry. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes I proclaim something to be the best thing I've ever had/made/seen/eaten......and then something else comes along and blows it right out of the water. And to be honest, I've made these little delights before and just kind of forgot about the recipe.

Anyway, tonight I felt like scones. And I was actually just going to go buy some from woolworths (GASP!! I know right......I feel guilty, but I actually REALLY like the scones from woolworths.....and I feel really ashamed to admit that too). Well, woolworths didn't have scones. I actually really hate woolworths, they never have anything I need, and I kid you not the last FOUR times I have been to woolies to get cucumber, they haven't had any. And cucumber is not something unusual, so WHY DON'T THEY HAVE IT?! Sorry, getting a bit off track here.....but no cucumber makes me a bit angry!!

So I collected ingredients for the most simple scone recipe I could remember. It's so so so simple and it turns out the most fabulously light and fluffy scones. Read on, dear friend, for what I can promise IS the best scone recipe, EVAH!!


3 cups self raising flour
Pinch of salt
1 cup sugar free lemonade (I like sugar free lemonade better than normal. Feel free to use normal)
1 cup thickened cream

Preheat oven to 200c.

Sift flour & salt in to bowl and make a well in the middle. Pour in lemonade and cream and fold in to flour until it just comes together. Don't over mix it, you want a few bits of flour still showing. Turn it out on to a generously floured surface and lightly pat together in to a circle.

Cut out as many scones as you can from your first batch, because they won't turn out as nicely from the second one. Place them on to a tray lined with baking paper and brush the tops lightly with milk (so that they brown nicely!!). Pop them in the oven and turn it down to 170 - 180c. Bake for 12 - 15 minutes or until lightly golden.

Look at how fluffy they are!! 

Seriously, they're delicious. Especially with peppermint tea and chantilly cream.


chocolatesuze said...

mmm scones make me happy and hee i <3 your cupcake mug!

g 3 o r g i L y n said...

i like those bowls ur using there! ;)

Escape to the sun said...

Very strange taste and not sweet enough. Made them yesterday and I wondered whether they would taste any good without butter, (and I also put a beaten egg in my usual recipe), and no they do not taste good. I will stick to my usual recipe with butter and egg. These were just a total waste of time and ingredients.