Thursday, September 23, 2010

Almost married cake!!

Last week, my old boss requested a cake for a very good friend that I used to work with. You might remember I made some cupcakes for my friends engagement. Well, that friend is getting married next weekend!! So my old work put on a lunch for her today, and asked me to make her an "almost married" cake. Check it out!!

It was a white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache - and by all accounts everyone loved it!! I was so glad that my old boss asked me, because it made making this cake all that more special for my lovely friend!!

Congrats again Georgie - love you lots xx


Anonymous said...

Hi I just realised while looking for my blog that your blog has the same title as mine! Funny huh!

Love your blog Ive not long started mine, check it out if you have a min

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Wow they is amazing! :o You're so talented! :D

cupcakegirl said...

I know My boyfriend thought of the name for my blog them when I was searching google to see what would come up yours did. I'ts crazy I supose theres so many blogs out there though its not to uncommon.

I actually wanted the name of myblog to be cupcakegirl and not cupcakesmile but that was taken

All your stuff looks awesome though I love it

Cakebrain said...

wowsa! Your almost married cake looks better than some real wedding day cakes! the couple on top looks adorable!

g 3 o r g i L y n said...

thanksss kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 * cries* white chocolate mud cake.. by you is my absolute weakness!