Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had half an omg moment tonight.

I stumbled across a recipe that I had actually made 6 months ago, declared the best cupcake EVER, and then promptly forgot about.

So I made it again tonight and apparantly I had forgotten just how amazing the cake was.....light.....fluffy.....beautiful flavour. Then I remembered why I had forgotten about it (lol) the cupcakes don't rise the way I like. I like perfectly domed cupcakes.

These were perfectly flat :(

I am determined to work on these and MAKE them domed.....I don't care how many dozens of cupcakes I have to make.....I'll make it work.

Stay tuned for the other half of the omg moment, whenever it may happen!!


Nard said...

Awesome to hear that you a step closer to finding your recipe!! An i thought i should let you know that i will be quite happy to help you out and dispose of the extra cupcakes (in my belly) at no cost!!