Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cakes for a friend + Adriano.

It was my friends housewarming this Saturday just gone and as I'm always looking for an excuse to bake cakes, this wasn't an exception.

There was SO much food....it was like being a kid in a candy store!! There was even a chocolate fountain....yes, a chocolate FOUNTAIN!! Zahh!! Needless to say, there was never much of a distance between the chocolate fountain and myself, it's lucky anyone else got a look in with me there!!

Anyway, I took some white choc cupcakes and a Madeira cake covered with fondant. I'm pleased with the result:

I also finally made it to Adriano Zumbo on Sunday!! I was soooo excited, I've been wanting to get there for SO long. I didn't plan it too well though, as we got there at about 1pm, and of course by that time he had run out of almost everything!!

We did manage to grab 2 chocolate macarons & a citron tart......holy frig they were delicious!! I can't even describe the amazingness of the macarons.....crisp, light, fluffy, heavy, smooth, creamy, crunchy all at once?! How does that happen?! It was just like a little party in my mouth!! I'm not a massive fan of citrus, however the tart was nice, such a strong, zingy lemon flavour, you could feel the flavour of it on your toungue for several minutes after swallowing. The filling was creamy and smooth, the pastry crisp and buttery. Pretty good in my opinion!!


g 3 o r g i L y n said...

that was my house warming.. :)
awesome cupcakes/ cakes indeed :D:D

Nard said...

Yay...i can finally post a comment!! lol
They were very yummy cupcakes, the cake looked very good although i didn't get a piece!! :o( But the chocolate fountain did make up for it lol!!

g 3 o r g i L y n said...

hahahahah there is still some at home if u want me to bring u some haha..
i've been trying to comment for ages now.. its about time i say!.. ABOUTTT TIMEEEEE *shakes fist*