Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everybody loves Elmo!!

My sister has a habit of saying yes to things, and then getting everyone else to help her. This Elmo cake was no exception.

A work colleague saw a few cakes that my sister had made in the past for her daughters birthday parties (several, several years ago) and requested an Elmo cake. Sure, no problem. She then asked me to help out.

I've never made a cake like this before, so to say that I'm pleased with the outcome is an understatement!!

My sister baked the cake (I'm not going to lie, it was a packet mix!!) and I then went over to help (a.k.a ice the whole thing).

Despite my apprehension, Elmo wasn't terribly difficult to make!! We blew up a picture of Elmo, traced him on to some greaseproof paper and then attached the image to the cake with toothpicks and I cut around the image to create the shape of the cake. The eyes and nose are made of fondant, the black outline is licorice and the icing is betty crocker. I know, shameful, if I had have been in charge I would have made it all from scratch!!