Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 70!!

A couple of weeks ago my mum asked me to make a cake for one of her friends for her 70th birthday. Nothing specific was given - just that the lady doesn't like mud cake.

I hate having to come up with designs when I have no clues at all - because then I worry that the recipient won't like it.

Apparently everyone loved the cake so that's always a good thing. Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream covered with fondant & fondant roses.

Today, I finally got an ABN (Australian Business No.). I never realised how EASY it is to get an ABN. I had attempted to fill out the online forms several times but got distracted halfway through and didn't do it. Today, I had some down time, filled out the forms, hit submit and BAM!! Instant ABN. So now, for businesses who want to order cakes or cupcakes from me that can't pay me without an ABN (i.e the company my sister works for who quite often have cupcakes for celebrations i.e employee birthdays, farewells, baby congratulations etc) CAN order from me.



WayneandFarrah said...

Oh wow, this looks amazing. I'm sure the lady would have loved it.
Yay for ABN!

Nadia said...

Congrats on your ABN!!
That cake looks and sounds very yummy!!

Maria said...

The cake looks really pretty and professional!