Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kitchenaid Icecream Attachment

So, as you know, my boyfriend bought me an ice cream attachment for my kitchenaid.

Unfortunately for me, I have the Australian model kitchenaid, but the American model ice cream attachment.

Cue upset-ness.

I need a converter for the kitchenaid.......unfortunately for me AGAIN, I *think* you have to get the converter from kitchenaid and they won't ship individually to Australia. So.....if anyone knows how I can get my hands on one, of if by some amazing chance there is someone in America reading this little ol blog and would be willing to purchase one and post it to me in Australia (of COURSE I would reimburse you for it) please please PLEASE let me know, and I would be eternally in debt to you :D

I have already made up an ice cream batter which I will have to church in my soft serve maker (very little and very messy!!), I'll post about it during the week :)



Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh no! Is it very different? I thought that they were the same as they plug in or anything. Good luck!

cupcakexgirl said...

Thanks Lorraine - it's just that there's different safety standards for Australian models vs the American models. It's an issue with the kitchenaid rather than the attachment. There's an extra clip (that you can't unclip lol!!) that prevents the ice cream shaft from being attached - anyway, I've found a phone number and hopefully I can purchase a new shaft from them *fingers crossed*!!

WayneandFarrah said...

Hope you find what you're looking for!! I wish I could help.

cupcakexgirl said...

Thanks, that's so sweet of you!!